Vooruitzien: Well thought out mirror image.

Egide Meertens Plus architecten wedstrijdontwerp 28 wooneenheden Tongeren

Vooruitzien: Well thought out mirror image.

Group construction
Zonhoven 2007

Design of 48 dwellings. 

The planned structure in our concept is defined strongly on the one hand by the regulations of the Flemish Council Housing Association (VMSW) and on the other hand by the immediate surrounds, which define the arrangement of the various flats.

The four blocks of flats provide a mirror image of each other. The communal entrance hall and front door are situated in each case at the side between two residential blocks. The other side of the block looks out onto the public green zone.

By providing a central entrance door to the flats, we keep the amount of lost space down to a minimum. All rooms apart from the living rooms are located at the centre of the flats so that the living rooms are around the exterior and therefore enjoy plenty of daylight.