A spacious feeling in a small area.

Egide Meertens Plus architecten woning Nicolaï Riemst

A spacious feeling in a small area.

Riemst 2006

Design and realization of an open single-family residence.

Egide Meertens Plus architecten woning Nicolaï Riemst
Egide Meertens Plus architecten woning Nicolaï Riemst

The Nicolaï residence is a ground floor-residence with two bedrooms. In spite of the limited floor space it offers a feeling of spaciousness. A difference in level in the residence was a major influence in the design. The night section at the front of the residence is a few steps lower than the living areas. That made it possible to use a skylight to admit extra daylight to the living area.


Connecting fireplace

For the facade architecture the designer selected natural materials: the dark brick facing goes nicely with the patinated wood in the front facade. The wooden wall hides the indoor garage and then runs seamlessly on as a sun screen that hides the bedrooms. The wooden slats filter the sunlight. Thus they offer varied lighting and also guarantee privacy relative to the street.


The entrance area is located in a recess in the main volume. A fireplace attracts the immediate attention of someone who enters the residence through the wide pivoting door. The fireplace functions as a focal point in the residence: it links the entry to the other living areas at the back of the residence. The seating area and kitchen are arranged around a patio that makes visual relationships with the living area possible.


Well-designed patio

The patio is the answer for the limited garden space at the back of the residence. It increases contact with the garden and adds important options for the use of the outdoor space. The ground plan of the patio is identical to the U-shaped enclosed green area at the front of the residence. This green area provides for a gentle transition from the public area to the private environment. The limited area here is shielded from the street and is in front of the night section.


Contemporary interior

Classic interior materials are cast in a contemporary design. The choice of materials is based on the preference of the client for the floor tiles used. Oak brings a warm touch to the kitchen. The access to the storage area is seamlessly incorporated into the kitchen wall.



  • Successful design solution for a corner plot
  • Spaciousness
  • Contemporary quality architecture for an acceptable price