The residence serves as a reference point.

Egide Meertens Plus architecten woning Breels-Bangels Hasselt

The residence serves as a reference point.

Hasselt 2012

Design and realization of an open single-family residence.

A sloping terrain can inspire fascinating architecture. Here it was the occasion for an inverted organizational plan, which makes the residence atypical. The night rooms are located at basement level, half underground. The living spaces are on the ground floor but are still raised relative to street level. And finally, the upper floor provides space for an office from which beautiful views of the valley can be seen.

Two patios provide daylight for the night areas: one on the street side and one in the back garden. The floor of the patio in the back garden is made of steel self-supporting tracery. This forms a terrace, but still allows sufficient daylight to reach the bathroom below.

House with full-depth living room
The living area is a full-depth living room: There is contact both with the street and with the back garden, and there is sunlight in the living room all day. A large open space establishes a relationship with the kitchen and living area, and with the office area.

The extension for the office is kept small to enhance the function signal. Facade-wide windows interrupt the vertical aspect of the residence. They alternate with masonry in horizontal bands.