Nieuw Sint-Truiden - Bloesemlaan & Hulpstraat: Open versus closed.

Nieuw Sint-Truiden - Bloesemlaan & Hulpstraat: Open versus closed.

Group construction
Sint-Truiden 2013

Competition design of 23 council dwellings.

The project concerned two plots, namely one zone in Bloesemlaan and one in Tulpstraat, both part of a housing estate in Sint-Truiden. In our design for the zone in Bloesemlaan we started on the basis of the typology of the surrounding homes: connections of several homes which each have their own back garden. By opting for flat roofs, we keep our distance from the other dwellings on the estate. To give the street a more spacious look, we put the rear dwellings further back in relation to other dwellings in the street. This gave us fascinating connections between the dwellings. At the point of this stagger we have broken up the row of homes to create a path to the gardens at the rear.
The living rooms on the ground-floor are bathed in sunshine thanks to the sizeable windows at the front and rear. The floor with the bedrooms has been kept fairly closed with the use of narrow windows on that level.



For the zone in Tulpstraat we have designed the gardens so that the occupants can enjoy the maximum daylight. The homes are connected in such a way to create an axis path to an area which can be developed later. The homes are connected per three and per six by analogy with the rest of the estate.