Natural and warm furnishing.

Natural and warm furnishing.

Hasselt 2017-...

Design of a loft interior M.-B.

For the design of this loft Egide Meertens Plus architects looked for a balance between the openness which a loft requires and the privacy and peace and quiet desirable in the bedroom, bathroom, and study. A well thought out fitted wall cupboard in oak veneer provides a suitable answer.

Oak veneer, together with marble, forms a connecting theme in the interior design. Together they give the interior a warm and affluent touch. Natural materials are found in each room in a creative combination. In the bathroom the marble forms the rear wall for the oak bathroom furniture. The concealed handle in a shade of gold is also a constant in all cupboards.

The kitchen zone is based on this same notion. The cooking island is furnished entirely on the work side with doors in oak veneer. Marble is found in the work top, the basin, and the doors on the other side of the island. The sitting area of the island wall is finished in oak veneer.