Head in the clouds.

Head in the clouds.

Zutendaal 2019

Design and construction of a one-family home G.-K.

For this project, making optimal use of a unique development area, reclassified as a nature reserve, was an absolute must. Egide Meertens Plus Architects did so by positioning each space in this house towards the gravel plant at the back, with large window sections offering a wide view of the green surroundings.

Bringing together the different rooms creates a nice play of volumes. The carport is also incorporated in the house and so contributes to the strength and transparency of the design. Constructive elements such as columns fully blend in with the architecture, maximising the play of volumes.

The wooded area filters the light in a variety of ways. In order to compensate the light-blocking effect of green leaves, skylights were integrated in the roof over the living area, guiding the overhead light.