The Haspengouw landscape as inspiration.

Egide Meertens Plus Architecten exterieur voorgevel dillens

The Haspengouw landscape as inspiration.

Borgloon 2016

Design and realization of an open single-family residence.

The rolling Haspengouw landscape provides unique design opportunities. In this residence we made use of them by a maximum coordination of the functions with the terrain. The entrance is at ground level, whereas the living spaces were given a place a storey higher. In this way they are even with the ground level behind the house. Thus, the extensive glazing on the street side does not conflict with the quest for privacy. Sleeping is done on the top storey.

The entrance area is located under the carport. The roof of the carport provides a place for office space. Thus, work and private areas remain somewhat separated. The landscape is a source of inspiration from the work area thanks to the openness of the rear aspect.