Connecting eye-catcher.

Connecting eye-catcher.

GEEL 2017

Design and construction of a single-family home C.-C.

The special colour scheme and concrete strip is atypical for the character of this design. Rough grey brick surfaces are alternated with special window sections in bronze-anodized aluminium. Exposed concrete strips seem to form a binding element between the two floors. Moreover, the wooden formwork and concrete make a strong impression.

The windows in the house are functional in that they provide privacy and guide the daylight in.

The entrance area is roofed: the door is integrated in the façade cladding, which extends to the garage door. More than a floor high, the window section in the side façade guides the daylight deep into the entrance hall and stairway to the first floor. An aisle takes the residents across an open space to the parents’ room.

A claustra brick wall frames a patio that provides daylight and privacy for the bathroom.