Articulated construction in natural stone.

EMPA - Egide Meertens Plus Architecten - exterieur - brick - grey - facade - natural stone

Articulated construction in natural stone.


Design and construction of a one-family home Z.

In rural Lafelt, this composition in natural stone forms an architectural counterweight to the omnipresent small farmhouses. The architectural design combines open and closed areas in a well-considered manner: window sections are alternated with wall parts in strips of natural stone. The contractor installed the natural stone with a joint of just 2 mm. Stones of different sizes were sorted and installed in various layers according to size.

The fact that the floors are brought forward emphasises the various parts of the house. The side walls are part of a closed design, while the rear wall is transparent. The horse stables at the end of the lot, part of the concept of the outside rooms and pool area, fence off the surrounding area at the back and guarantee privacy.

More photos will be made available after the project is completed.