OC De Brug: New touch and user facilities.

Egide Meertens Plus architecten wedstrijdontwerp dienstencentrum Nieuwerkerken

OC De Brug: New touch and user facilities.

Nieuwerkerken 2014

Contest design of a care facility.

Nieuwerkerken Council commissioned us to transform the unattractive and not very user-friendly foyer of the meeting centre into a multifunctional space. With the use of new materials and a few subtle touches, the new space now comes with various facilities for the organisation of meetings, parties, and receptions.

In the daytime, the interaction of wooden ceilings and perforation of skylights produces warm light play in the foyer. The counter is replaced by a separate element that improves circulation.

The balcony of the auditorium is fitted out with flexible white panels, which can be used as tables if flipped down. Thanks to a folding wooden wall, the balcony may be separated from the auditorium.

The open ground plan allows visitors to make optimal use of the space. The ceiling adds character to the interior and connects the foyer with the balcony.